Words from Quaker Faith & Practice:

“Are you honest and truthful in all you say and do? Do you maintain strict integrity in business transactions and in your dealings with individuals and organisations? Do you use money and information entrusted to you with discretion and responsibility? Taking oaths implies a double standard of truth; in choosing to affirm instead, be aware of the claim to integrity that you are making.”

The tiles from the Quaker Peace Garden in Bristol

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Photograph by Jon Davey

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We hope these films give an idea of Quaker lives and beliefs:

Living Adventurously - Quakers in the South West

Quaker Gathering 2014

Quaker Legacy Garden at University of Bath

From their beginnings, Quakers have been actively involved in social justice and reform. Such activities have drawn many of us to this faith community and in Bristol, Friends – as we call ourselves - are involved in prison reform, in resolving conflict non-violently, in outreach with homeless people, campaigning against the arms trade, green issues and many other causes.

But funnily enough, silence is at the centre of what we call a meeting for worship, from which we draw our fellowship and strength. We sit round in a circle for an hour and wait to be moved to speak. Some of us believe in God and follow the example and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and would say God’s Spirit inspires us to speak and act, or indeed, to listen and wait. Others – people who don’t feel easy about Christian religious language for example - would put it differently, but we share this sitting and waiting, even if we’re very broad minded when it comes to beliefs.

One thing almost all of us believe is that everyone has the ‘inner light’ within them. It’s a question of showing it or finding it. It’s a belief that gives us hope and compassion. So we welcome people who are seeking; a sense of inner peace, of fellowship with fellow travellers; people with questions or a yearning for meaning that the consumer world doesn’t offer.

We hold certain values: being truthful and honest in all our dealings; believing that all people are of equal worth; living simply - not cluttering up our lives unnecessarily; seeking peace and working for reconciliation and looking after our environment. We’re not saints - far from it - but we try to live out these values in our everyday lives.

We like to see ourselves as non-materialistic people who talk straight, are practical, who value community, are suspicious of rules, bosses and hierarchy and we like to run our own affairs. We’re volunteers who share the running of the business side that comes with any organisation which owns buildings and deals with money, much of it given away. And the business is also conducted in as calm and worshipful a manner as possible and, like any group, we have our differences.

There are seven meetings in and around Bristol. Some are small, some large and they all share this way of worship. 

The Meetings are at Thornbury, Portishead, Central (St Jude’s), Redland, Horfield, Bedminster and Frenchay Click here for local meetings 

There was a time when we were outwardly quiet, grey and reserved about communicating. We’re more confident now and think we have a powerful, warm and motivating way of life to offer, and always plenty to learn from those who attend and engage with us. You are most welcome.

(Last update: November 26, 2018)