Words from Quaker Faith & Practice:

“Marriage has always been regarded by Friends as a religious commitment rather than a merely civil contract. Both partners should offer with God’s help an intention to cherish one another for life. Remember that happiness depends on an understanding and steadfast love on both sides. In times of difficulty remind yourself of the value of prayer, of perseverance and of a sense of humour.”


Bristol Area Quaker Meetings for Business for Worship 2019

Thursday 17 January 7.00pm at Redland

Sunday 17 February 2.00pm at Horfield

Saturday 16 March 10.00am at Redland Day conference (Elders) plus business

Sunday 21 April 2.00pm at Portishead

Sunday 19 May 2.00pm at Thornbury

Saturday 22 June possible date for Area Meeting activity

Sunday 21 July 2.00pm at Bedminster

August No Meeting

Thursday 19 September 7.00pm at Horfield

Saturday 19 October 10am Central Day conference (QPSW) plus business

Sunday 17 November 2.00pm at Frenchay

December No Meeting

Christmas Day Meeting for Worship on 25 December from 10.30am at Horfield Quaker Meeting.

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